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Be yourself everyone else is taken.

Hi, I’m Sarina: Being as I’m a true free spirit, I have a lot room to accept and like people for who they are. I’m impressed by authenticity, I’m super interested in the body and the potential we don’t always see in having a body. I’m notroious for my amazing open nature and optimisim, I love to love people all I can and it shows in the work that do. I’m honest, curious and reflective. Reducing stress makes you less selfish and more capable of being present for the rest of your life. If you are looking for a true experience of nature in motion. To transform your stress into someting else come and see me.

I’m starting to wonder what has happened to everybody, I’m here in San Francisco and I’d love to see you today or any day. If you are stressed, overwhelmed and not getting the kind of attention that your really do long for this is a place where you can look into the debths of your emotions and see the realy issue so that you can move forward with more focus and attention on things that mean the most to you.

I love seeing the shy guy who doesn’t belive in himself start to feel like an atrractive man worthy of love.

I am excited when I see the tough guy who claims to have it all find a place where he can open up and be vulnerable in his sensuality.

It’s joy to see people experience the miraculous impact humans can have on each other dispite or frailties.

I look for ward to seeing you soon

The Look

Sarina is a 5'4", all natural caucasian woman in her late 40's with short red hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


I’m into mysticism, super hero movies, great food and travel. I’m committed to creating business that will help people step into their true authentic selves. I would consider myself liberal and very interested in helping the planet continue to be a place where the people that follow us feel like we did our part to make it a better place to live. I love art, music and dancing, I won’t tell you I like working out because that would probably be a lie,except when it’s fun and doesn’t feel like punishment. I love meeting new people and doing fun things. I’d really love to meet you. I just got a new review that desccribes me as plush, Soft skin and cuddly.


I really like it when I have a least an hour in advance to prepare for a call, but sometimes it can be cool to be spontanious so never feel like you can’t give me a try anytime.

If you can schedual a day or more in advance that would be great, but if you are just leafing through don’t hesitate to call.

When you call please let me know that you found me on Slixa as that helps me understand where people are finding me.

If you want me to go to you I will ask that you give me your full name. If you are coming to see me I will give you a close by me address and the real address when you get here.

I’d like you to know that I am very friendly, I try my best to let you know what your going to get when you get here.

I belive that it’s important to be mutually respectful, and open to having a great time.

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