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“She dreams of the ocean late at night, and longs for the wild salt air…”

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Saje St' James is a 5'8", slender, all natural, 28 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

I’m Saje…

Who are you? My eternal burning question.

Today you decided to do some scrolling. Maybe you’re a local with a bit of time to spare. Or perhaps you’ll be visiting my city on a work vacation, and you’re hoping to spend some time with a woman of poise while you’re on the road, away from home.

The road from home can get mighty lonely at times. I get that.

You’re so driven, and life is filled with an abundance of obligations and deadlines. Even though you live a charmed life, sometimes you have to take a moment for yourself and just breath.

What is it you seek? Are you looking for gentle solitude in the arms of another, or is it some moment of connection that can take you away from the stresses of everyday life?

Tell me your needs… I’d love to meet you there.

I find the clarity of this particular exchange to be soothing, and the gift of meeting incredible people along the way, absolutely enthralling.

I’ve lived a pretty fascinating life, and my experiences have been exotic, filled with hair-raising adventures across the globe. And they certainly don’t end there! I have a hard time saying no to the things that catch my fancy. And “fancy’s” - I have many of them.

If it’s seizing the moment and dancing in the street in front of that manic guitar playing busker, saying yes! to a friend who has invited me on a last minute road trip, trying my hand at rollerskating with the fabulous roller-freaks of Golden Gate Park just because it looked like fun. This is how I choose to live out this experience called life.

I’m at my best when I’m faced with the unpredictable. I crave the experience of looking into the eyes of a new friend and finding out what magic we can discover together.

I believe in magic, do you?

Let’s make some.

“Once upon a time, two strangers ignited in passion and then parted ways…”


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