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+Elysium® & Bondassage® With Stunning Black Zaftig Vixen

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“I’ll make you wish there was 48 hrs to each day.”

My sessions are for those of you who like to lay back & receive. Those that prefer a pampering touch that requires nothing from you, other than to enjoy the sensations flooding through your body. Just lie back & let me work my magic.

I like to revel in the feel of your skin under my hands. I like to pay attention to your breath and how it changes when I do something that you particularly enjoy, or when I come upon a knot of tension.

I offer Specialized BodyRubs as well as Elysium By Bondassage® & Bondassage® (for more info on my Specialized Bodyrub Sessions, please visit my site).

Elysium By Bondassage®

How slowly can I stroke your body?Wanna find out?

Feel the silky rope glide across your skin as I tie you to my table. Feel the sensation of the sheets gliding under your body. Hear music designed to focus you inward. See…oops, well you can’t see because you’re blindfolded! Depriving you of some senses heightens others. I’d love to show you how that feels.

Kneel. Submit. Experience.

You’re on your knees before me. I try not to giggle because I’m going to have oh, so, much, fun. I could be stern if I wanted. If you needed, if it made you fall further. But I’m not your Mistress, simply the woman who will take you on a journey that you’ve always wanted to experience, but have never had the luck. I place your right hand on my body to steady it as I gently but firmly close the soft leather restraint on your wrist. Then your left hand. You’re ankles are cuffed & you realize your plight: at the mercy of a voluptuous Amazon.

Once your senses are controlled—a blindfold over your eyes, headphones with specially designed music to focus you inward—our journey begins. How can one describe the sensations you experience, the realms you visit? One can’t…it can only be experienced. There’s softness & hardness & thuds & stings & sighs…all to the beat of the music in your head.

Whatever are you waiting for?

About Me
I’m a thick and curvalicious sista (“red beans & rice did miss her”) with bodacious cleavage, twinkly almond-shaped eyes, a full & mischievous smile, and a Chaka Khan ‘do. I’m in my 40s, with all the experience that implies, and then some! Feel free to ask exactly how old when you see me, I’m not at all ashamed. Maybe you want to experience a Cougar’s energy, maybe you feel safer exploring with a contemporary. In any case, I’m like fine wine & cheese—better with age!

The Look

RootChakraKahn is a 5'7", full figured, all natural black woman with shoulder length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


I’m a beekeeper, a world-traveler (still trying to get to Africa & Asia), a backgammon enthusiast, a voracious reader, and a published author. I have eclectic musical taste, I love to dance, and I’m a bit of a foodie. I’m from Chicago & still think of myself a Midwestern ‘gal. I consider myself a bit of a nomad, although I’ve lived in the Bay Area since 2003, the longest I’ve ever lived anywhere as an adult. One day I’ll indulge myself by buying an RV (or a tiny-house) & roaming this continent & the one below it.


I’m available for Oakland incalls, as well as Outcalls to nearby upscale hotels (excepting airport hotels).

I appreciate advance booking, so I provide a discount if you schedule 2 or more days in advance. My calendar on my site is always kept up to date.

I screen all potential clients without exception. To book a session with me, you will have to provide ONE of the following:

—name & website info of provider you’ve seen previously

—verifiable work phone number

—verifiable work email

Contact Info
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