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“I wanted the whole world or nothing.” - Charles Bukowski

The Look

Remy Lee is a 5'5", slender, all natural, 26 year old asian woman with long black hair and black eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.

So here we are, again. I’m almost positive we’ve met before, haven’t we?

Yes, I’m sure of it now. It was at that cozy corner cafe downtown— you were standing in line thumping your foot, checking your watch. I was tucked away in the far right corner, curious eyes peeked over my Macbook, chuckling at your obvious impatience. As you look up, our eyes meet. And for that moment we are both present- just me, just you. Questions and fantasies tiptoe in thought. Who is this girl? Why is her smile so odd— only one dimple on her cheek? How old is she? Why is she here? That sweater is awfully loose and low around her neckline, and thin…Where is she from? Will I ever see h- “Sir, your order?” The cashier waves you forward and your attention is diverted— “Large coffee, extra shot of expresso.” Your teeth pull back into an attempt at a smile, but all you can muster is a forced grimace. You are pulled back to reality- back to the resounding demands of your job, obligations and most immediately, your coffee fix. Our fleeting connection has ended, what could have been can never be. Or can it?

Now that we’ve found ourselves here again, allow me to briefly introduce myself. I’m Remy— age 26, [southern] Ivy league educated and of Chinese heritage. I am bilingual in Mandarin and English. I am obsessed with story-telling. I fall in love with anything, anyone that weaves a compelling narrative, whether it be through writing, video games, film, [insert any other form of artistic expression]. I’m an escapist— my worst fear is stagnation, normalcy. A generalist— apt at everything, yet excellent at nothing. The impetus of my existance is indulgence and making real connections. Thus, I’ve chosen the life of a confidant, an unconventional companion of sorts.

Ready to start your journey? Ours, I mean. Please, take your time to peruse my profile and my website. Let your imagination run wild. I am positive that our encounter will not fall short of your expectations.

Until we meet again,



video games, literature, film, graphic novels, canines, storytelling, photography, writing, humanism


1 hr| 500 USD
90 minutes (preferred) | 700 USD
3 hrs | 1300 USD
6 hrs | 2600 USD
Up to 12 hours | 3700 USD
24 hours | 4800 USD
48 hrs + | Inquire

Please inquire about incall availability.

Screening: Please see my website and fill out a screening/intake form. I will only see gentlemen who fill out this form entirely, but I assure you that your information is safe and will remain confidential.

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