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Ms. Chloe Stryker

+The exquisite exhilaration of surrendering completely to Me awaits you…

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Escape the burdens of daily life and experience the electric thrill of submitting all your cares to a powerful woman you feel safe with.

I absolutely revel in creating wildly fun BDSM experiences for Me and you. Tell Me your kinks and untold wishes and I will creatively design sessions unique to you. Although you have told Me things you’ve never told anyone, you’ll never know what’s coming next or just how our session will surprisingly unfold!

Ever dancing between sweet and sadistic, warm and wicked, you won’t know whether to beg Me for mercy or beg Me for more…

you will feel safe in submitting yourself completely to Me, trusting that I know what is best for you. My intention always is to create experiences that will undoubtedly stay with you long after our sessions and positively effect other aspects of your life.

Some of My favorite things include, but are not limited to: sissification, bondage, mean teacher/mother/cop roleplay, spanking, experimenting with different paddles and canes, foot and boot worship and much more. More details at My website, www.MistressChloeStryker.com

Double Domme sessions are also available with the stunning and devious Domina Flora!

Additionally, aftercare is very important to My process and our relationship.

PS: I am Covid vaccinated but still regularly test for Covid. I’m super clean, have a Hepa-13 filter going all the time and taking temps before every session.

The Look

Ms. Chloe Stryker is a 5'7", athletic caucasian woman in her late 40's with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Trans.


I love being a Domme and I am also training to be a coach.

As a coach, I specialize in the ways that my clients can experience more freedom and connection in all aspects of their lives. I am naturally engaging and intuitive which makes me very adept at mirroring back your own wisdom to you, which often reveals solutions and strategies for moving you closer to getting the life you want.

Domme sessions and coach sessions are not mutually exclusive, although I would not bring in any coaching unless we talked about and agreed on that first.

  • Please visit my website for all booking and availability details. Mistresschloestryker.com
  • Domme Sessions start at 90 minutes for $750. Each additonal hour is $400, partial hours pro rated at $100 per 15 minutes.
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