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“I am 99% Angel But… OH That 1%!”

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Megen and I enjoy the diversity and adventure of getting to know real people, including discovering what makes them tick and feel alive. Let’s meet and explore the SF bay area together.

I have a very relaxed, professional outward persona and an excitable, curious mind. In daily life I am extremely independent and very much a self starter, but when with a partner I like it when the variety of my personality traits are inspired. I enjoy a full range of equal sharing of ideas and energy; from more of take-charge roles to light submissive interludes from time to time. I always bring my openness and adventurism to all sessions.

From the energy of your sun sign to your innermost thoughts I appreciate the unique individual you are and honor that. I really do tend to see and respect the best in people, especially if releaving any honesty and vulnerability.

All new clients please provide verification method of work info or references. See my website Contact page for complete booking form option available.

Schedule and Hosting:

Traveling /Unavailable ~ (2018)12/28-12/31, (2019)1/2-1/7, 1/12-1/14

Available dates ~

Hosting at: (Main)Peninsula-SFO, (very ocassionally SF) and N San Jose, variably. Rates posted apply for when client takes care of hosting or my hosting is already set up.

Setting up hosting for client may require fee for that space (N. San Jose=$50 additional/hour, hottubs=$40-$70 additional/hour, hotels=$160+additional/hour.


Offerings can include incorporated kink, fetish, bdsm, roleplay ~ 90 minutes session recommended.

$300/45 minutes

$500/90 minutes

$1000/3 hour ~ including dinner/brunch


$100/15 minutes ~ remote video/cam session


Overnight sessions and weekend getaway available

Please see booking details on my website Contact page:

I look forward to meeting soon ;)

The Look

Megen is a 5'4", all natural caucasian woman in her early 40's with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


On my personal time, I enjoy doing good things for my body and mind… yoga, qi gong, walking, hiking hills, trampoline and baking keto goodies.

As a professionally trained artist I also love to draw, paint, read and write, dance at Gothic clubs and see museums and shows.


For safety, I clear all new guests with the info below.

Session fee ~ in plain site or placed down in plain site without discussion at the beginning of our session

Hygiene ~ we meet with our best hygiene and presence. Shower is available as part of session timeframe.

Reference Screening and Session request:

- your name

- zodiac sign (for fun - optional, but appreciated) As a sun sign Libra (element - Air) I enjoy being aware of energy

- date, time, timeframe requested

- if hosting

- ad or website of 1-2 references you have seen

Work screening and session request:

- your name

- company email or phone number (with your extension) I will contact with benign contact info

- all session request info as above

A form is available on my website if that is preferred.

Contact Info