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Come back home to yourself

Hello I am Chelsea :)

I am offering a style of bodywork that I have crafted over the years which is shamanic, therapeutic and zensual in nature…

Combining the benefits of focused touch with the power of creative life force energy.

My style of session, Heavenly Journey, reconnects men to their soul through graceful guidance, skill and loving presence.

Prepare to feel amazing as I weave massage, sound, energy work and acupressure to bring your whole being and reality into a state of heaven on earth.

Pleasurably let go of tensions affecting your mind, body and soulful expression as I escort you into the next best version of yourself in the ways of the high-priestesses, dakini and spiritual alchemist.

I am an intellectual intuitive with integrated wisdom around the body, emotions, mind and spirit with a kick of sass and a stellar sense of humor.

Please visit my website to read more about me, my offering, my blog and testimonials. Welcome to my temple.

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South Berkeley

Oct 12th - 14th

Oct 20-21st

Oct 27th - 30th

Schedule through link below or click to be prepared by finding available times.

The Look

Chelsea is a 6', slender, all natural, 30 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length auburn hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men only.


I offer mentorship and bodywork that weaves soulful connection with playfulness and serenity. I am passionate about creating lasting benefits for my clients that enhances all aspects of their lives.


If ready to move forward please click this link to set up your consultation or Heavenly Journey for fastest service.

Consultations are 15-30 minutes, a free gift to you, and over the phone. I call you at the time you select.

If using my online scheduler does not work for you please let me know. I recently opened up the option to schedule through text or email.

Please be aware, scheduling yourself brings much ease into my life and is the fastest way to begin your journey with me.

Sessions are offered out from a lovely apartment in South Berkeley.

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