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+Making all guests wash their hands for years before this…

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Goddess healer with a loving, youthful, joyous nature and beautiful soul. I enjoy bodywork, human connection and energy exchange, I feel passionately about the beneficial services I provide.

I know there is a lot of concern for our health and safety at a time like this, as a certified health educator please know I am taking an abundance of caution with distancing, cleaning and sanitation. If you still want to meet I can to assure you I have not been traveling, I’m doing daily tempature checks and will continue to behave in a responsible way in regards to your health and mine. I have not had the cold or flu for over 3 years due to healthy eating and hygiene practices so I encourage others to do the same. IF YOU FEEL ANY SYMPTOMS PLEASE STAY HOME FOR NOW, we will get through this but everyone has to be responsible and smart! <3

Nuru, Escort or Domination with big booty Goddess, the total package with love…

A true goddess healer with a cuddly personality and passion filled, joyous nature. The photos show the woman you are coming to spend time with, no fancy professional makeup or photo services are used for my pictures so you can clearly see what you’ll get.

I went to a Bay Area holistic institute for my massage training and have practiced enough to master my craft in both therapeutic and other modalities.

My Dominatrix training came from the Academy of SM Arts and I‘ve practiced that enough to become quite skillful. Both massage and BDSM are passions of mine.

I offer those two services as well as escort companionship. I prefer 90 minute sessions or longer for escort as that gives us plenty of time for warming up to whatever our session entails, then trust me some massage at the end will be heavenly. My massages are amazing, both the healing therapeutic ones as well as softer, loving energy conveyance.

I enjoy going out if you’re ever needing a companion for an event, dinner or any other social activity. I’m also a great, compassionate listener if you just want someone awesome to talk with. I’ve actually helped many people! Would go into psychology but they don’t honor this beautiful type of work so I’ll pass on their formal training.

Quick note about my BDSM: Even though I may not look like a typical dominatrix I can assure you my abilities as one are there. However for me, my style is more kawaii pretty pink princess and girly, it hides my sadistic wickedness quite well. I love seeing the look of surprise on your face when I giggle and you realize just how much power is hiding there beneath my cute exterior and big ol’ smile. I’m pretty sadistic but also extremely caring; emotional connection, eye contact, and nurturing are important to me. I may switch, only for the right people;) usually enjoy being spanked though.

Wherever we go, whatever we do, you will have a well mannered, loving companion, a great listener, and wise, fun, open minded friend. I am amazing at all the healing modalities I offer and I’m a beautiful soul. Some women were meant to be doctors, some mothers, while others like me were meant to be goddess companions helping to bring happiness n healing to the world.

Safe San Francisco incall, Sane, Health Conscious, drug/drama free! Be well

Please check out my website for more information and pictures:

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Love Goddess Ayla is a 5'6", bbw caucasian / native american woman with short auburn hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, Trans, Disability, and Non Binary.

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