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Daniza Perez

+Feeling like your living a lie? Allow me to make you feel Alive!

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Too many times we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.

Playing sports growing up I would make these comically bad errors. The ball would hit me directly in the face or I would swing at a pitch way too late. Everyone said I was terrible, even the coaches. I kept playing because I enjoyed being active and around my friends, but there were many times I just wanted to pretend I no longer was interested so they could just stop teasing me. I’m glad I didn’t, of course I was embarrassed but in actuality it all stemmed from fear. Fear of rejection, fear of being alone, fear of being treated less than. Going forward I would have to face a lot of adversity and if I had stopped each time I was afraid, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t have been able to fall in love with myself, or see how beautiful I am inside and out. I once carried shame for my sensuality, but there is nothing be ashamed of. What I learned is, I’m no outcast, I just don’t hide behind the screen door.

You see, it’s something about lighting candles in my room, turning on some music, and letting go of my inhibitions, that just makes me feel so ecstatic. The hilarity I feel when I begin seducing myself in the mirror while I dance. I wish everyone could have an opportunity to feel what I feel when I dance. Dancing to me provides me an outlet to express myself while society seems to shun me for enjoying being feminine and sensual.

I don’t like labels though, I’m more than just feminine and sensual. I’m kind, I’m patient, I’m a listener, I’m understanding. And I always make sure anyone I interact with feels heard.

Are you stressed at home? Stressed at work? Maybe you have needs that only You seems to understand. I want to hear all about it, I want you to feel embraced, because you are deserving of fondness, affection and should be given plenty of attention.

Friends always tell me they really enjoy my company because I don’t make them feel judged, and that’s what I strive for. A safe place for one to be their true authentic self.

The Look

Daniza Perez is a 5'1" 29 year old latina woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


In my free time you’ll find me reading anything relating to psychology. Studying the mind and human behavior has always been a passion. I find it fascinating is an understatement. I like to workout at parks, just so I can people watch. I put my headphones on, turn on music, exercise while I watch people interact, coexist, be.

So besides being creepy lol I enjoy anything that relates to self care. Getting manicures and pedicures, putting on make up, doing my hair, I enjoy shopping, and of course, dancing. I have a pole in my room that gets a lot of use by me.


I accept emails and texts only.

Verification needed, two forms of identity, you can choose between a picture of your ID, DL, passport, or your link to an active linkedin profile. I also accept work emails or 2 references from providers.

As for deposit, I only accept CashApp/Bitcoin for the purpose of Anonymity. $50 is all that is required.

Cancellation policy, I do not refund deposits unless I cancel. Rescheduling is okay, up to one hour prior appt, if not, forfeit deposit.

$500 per hour. Please have available upfront on any visible counter. Please don’t make it awkward for us if I have to ask for my considerations. I’d like to be able to enjoy as much possible time getting to know you rather than spend time on my needs.

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