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Sponsored Under the Radar Girls
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Vivienne Paige

+Grad Student by Day Turned Companion by Night

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Unedited Untouched Newbie Seeking Proper Introduction.

Blueblood Trendsetter.

Eye Color Blue

Hair Long Blonde

Height 5’8

Weight 135lbs.

Freckles Some

Size 25’ waist

Chest Size 32D

Hometown Santa Monica

Current City Westside of Los Angeles

Education finishing MBA at a well-known and loved University in Los Angeles (South)

The Look

Vivienne Paige is a 5'8" 28 year old caucasian woman with long blonde hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male only.


My favorite things are not “appropriate” by societal standards but when we get together you will quickly learn what makes me tick. Until then, to give you a peek into my life…

These are a few of my (least) favorite things…


awkward silences that are not combatted with a witty or candid remark

disingenuous excuses

ficticious tales in hope of self-fulfillment

underestimating me (tbh, this actually can be quite amusing)

anything but impeccable hygine

rehersed “pick up lines”

when people try to hard

and…COVID tested in March, vaccinated in April


I respect your time and I hope you will afford me the same approach. Messaging me if you do not follow the two “requirements” listed above is discourteous.

Requirement = impeccable manners and hygine

Last but not at all least…

Pls do not try to “haggle.” I find it not only ridiculous but also offensive. If a potential client contacted you, would you start communication back and forth just to find out he/she is not able to cover the fees for your consultation? No. Please allow me the same respect. Time is money. Both your time and mine (not necessarily in that order).

xxOx Vivienne Paige

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