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The trick is to keep exploring and not bail out, even when we find out that something is not what we thought. Nothing is what we thought. Pema Chodron

My disarming smile will warm you.
My steady gaze will pierce you.
My ability to listen deeply will put you at ease. You will find yourself charmed.

It feeds me to watch you unravel. Slowly.

Bring your shadows, vulnerabilities and fears. Take a risk.

If you’re a novelty seeker or a hedonist we will most likely not connect.

Intrinsic to everything I do, and how I do it, is Buddhist meditation practice.

I have been a world-renowned Dominant Woman, Fetish model, adult film producer, writer and performance artist for 15 years. I’ve created hundreds of videos, been shot by some of the world’s top photographers and been featured in magazines like Hustler’s Tboo, and was filmed by Zulman King of the Red Shoe Diaries for HBO. My film Rubber Bordello, which I wrote, directed, and produced, won three AVNs and a Feminist Adult Film Award.

You can read about some of adventures in New York Times Best Seller “The Hepatitis Bathtub”. I’ve gotten sober since the world documented in “Hepatitis Bathtub” and taken up a daily meditation practice, and am actively studying Buddhism. I’ve also trained in Internal Family Systems (IFS) with a mindfulness focus at La Maida Institute in Los Angeles and do continued personal reading on psychology & body/mind traditions.

“It is always wrong to wield power if you are not prepared to accept the consequences for your actions and do the work it takes to use your strength and authority with precision and fairness. A good leader is many people’s servant. If being trained to become a perfect servant sounds too humiliating, you are not strong enough to withstand the temptations of wielding power.” Pat Califia

The Look

Soma Snakeoil is a 5'7", curvy caucasian woman in her early 40's with brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I love latex, punk music, well crafted stiletto shoes and boots, corsets by Dark Garden, Sensi perfume by Armani, trashy art that inflames and stimulates.

Victorian literature. Feminist propaganda or anything weird and radical. Buddhist books. Art supplies!

Also stuff is just stuff!

I’m much more interested in experiences, conversations and people.

I love yoga.

I’m an activist. I do a lot of work on the street with the houseless community with art & music with a group I co-founded called The Sidewalk Project.


My attention and time are valuable. I expect you to do your homework before approaching me. I have limited availability and interest.

You must prove you are worthy of my attention.

The best things in life take time.

Take a breath. Slow down.

There’s no hurry.

We begin by asking respectful questions. You may start with a thoughtful email.

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