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Divine Union

I am a spiritual guide, embodied Priestess of Sacred Temple Arts, guiding magical tantric & BDSM journeys of self discovery

I am an intimacy coach offering one-on-one sessions ~ retreats ~ mentoring

Connect with the Divine & surrender to the experience of temple arts on a journey with Priestess Iris

Feel the sensuousness of The Sacred Temple & discover your vibrant self

Surrender to the Tantric Touch & Fedomme. Moving your energy, opening up channels. Move you from your inner power – with breath, sound and movement. Letting the energy move through your spine, your being and beyond… if you are ready to worship the goddess

The Look

Priestess Iris is a slender 30 year old woman with shoulder length brunette hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Couples.


Connection, Adventure, Spirituality, Yoga, Tantra, Embodied Dance, Travel


Connect with me & we will feel into our energy and set up what is alive for you & how can I guide you through this unique experience of Sacred Temple Arts

Los Angeles 28th october - 8th november

Contact me via text or email so I can send you details, mention your name + Slixa

Share your intentions&desires with me & let’s set up your session

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