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Mind, Body, & Soul Connections

Much love & light to you gentlemen my name is Msz Kaece.

It’s a wonderful gift alone to feel the sun shine on your skin once you wake up from the dreams you can gracefully tap into. Most of us experience true peace when we relive those moments that kept us in the admiration of just how mysterious & beautiful the realism of what life can be.

Just as the waves come from the sunsets core to the tip of your toes, a true connection is created when we just go with the flow. Be the captain of your boat, own your feelings the way they are felt & make the decision that lets reality unfold. If it’s an idea I believe it to be, so it shall be.

The Look

Msz Kæce is a 5', slender, 22 year old woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


I carry a journal with me if you are interested in knowing my love and passion for creative writing.


Text/call/facetime now to schedule a date


1hour 400

1hour 30min 700

2hours 1000

2hours 30min 1300

3hours 1600

3hours 30min 1900

4hours 2,200


1hour 500

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2hours 1100

2hours 30min 1400

3hours 1700

3hours 30min 2000

4hours 2300

My instagram & onlyfans is mszkaece

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