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Mistress Vita Ferrum

+A Tall, Sexy, Smart Dominatrix Who Practices Sensual But Strict BDSM Play

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I’m a smart, sexy, dominant bombshell. I combine small town charm with big city looks to bring grown men to their knees. I’m always superior, never crass. Always classy and impeccably groomed. Kneel!

I am Mistress Vita Ferrum, a sublime, dominant Goddess. you will submit to Me in a way you’ve never submitted before. I curate every experience to the particular submissive, with My pleasure always coming first, of course.

Listen to the sound of My heels as they click across the floor. Smell My intoxicating scent. you will become addicted to it. Feel My touch. I am cruel, but you will suffer for My pleasure. your submission is your gift to Me. Don’t be fooled. I am a greedy Mistress, and I will always ask for more. Be prepared to suffer. you are programmed as a male to be My inferior. you exist to serve Me.

The Look

Mistress Vita Ferrum is a 5'9" 36 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length auburn hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, and Couples.



human furniture

canes, whips, paddles






fantasy wrestling



slave training



humiliation and degradation

foot and leg fetish

skin fetish

leather fetish


I expect that you correspond with Me in a respectful manner. First impressions are everything. Manners, boys. “Please” and “thank you” go a long way. Don’t be an entitled male. Yes, I need to break you of that, but don’t play games from the get-go.

Be mature; don’t be a mental case. Don’t waste My time. Contact Me with sincere session requests.

Know that Dommes are detail oriented. Groom yourself before meeting Me. Brush your teeth and take a shower. Floss. Be on time.

Be a good submissive. Understand that Mistresses love tribute. Send gifts and deposits freely.

Same day sessions are possible if I happen to be free. Two hours notice is the least amount of time I need. Daytime is best for Me, and I am often available on weekends.

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