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Mistress Nila Fix

+Latex Queen. Dedicated Disciplinarian. Sadistic Empath.

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Classically trained Dominatrix. I offer you the gift of surrender, and the opportunity to quiet your mind, so that I may slither inside and imbue My tenets.

I am Mistress Nila Fix. I am divine and ruthless.

Do your research before contacting Me.

Visit My website for a more elaborate explanation of who I am and what I expect.

I have impossibly high standards, and thus it is a privilege to come into My stable. As an expert teacher and a dedicated trainer, I expect greatness, and I will help you achieve it through humble servitude.

48 hr notice required.
Appointments only. Deposit/screening required

Send Me a polite* email to get in touch for instructions on how to begin your journey.

The Look

Mistress Nila Fix is a 5'7" 31 year old caucasian woman with shoulder length black hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I love a teacher’s pet.

I value humility, obedience, kindness, and social awareness. My love language has always been acts of service. Making My life easier means I have more to give to you. A willingness to explore and push your limits tends to peak My interest.


Do not approach Me without the proper honorific. Disrespectful messages will be disposed of and blocked.

Do not contact Me without reading through My website. Once you’ve done so, you may fill out the application on said website. This is the correct way to get in touch.

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