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Miles Lee

+Tall, brown & handsome personified

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“Practice kindness all day to everybody and you will realize you’re already in heaven now.”- Jack Kerouac

I seek to make room for you to truly be yourself. Ideally, this will allow a healthy bond to form between us, allowing the most meaningful and fulfilling connection to emerge.

This is what I strive for; a dynamic that permits us to graciously usher each other through earthly pleasures and experience them to their fullest.

With your desire at its peak, and curiosity brimming—come find me…

The Look

Miles Lee is a tall, athletic, 30 year old caucasian / ebony man with black hair and brown eyes.

He is available for Female, and Couples.


Creatively, I channel my energy towards developing my musical skills as a saxophonist. I’m rooted in jazz music, but I embrace everything from Bonobo to Nirvana. Being an artist of multiple mediums, I also use film photography to tell stories. Moving my body— via working out, hiking, dancing, or boundless wandering through the city— nourishes me as well.

A night on the town, engaged in social activites, brings me life! I enjoy the exchange of good energies from others, and finding the commonalities between one another. I’m also just as comfortable tucked away in the farthest reaches of this earth, focusing my energy on you and only you.

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