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Gigi Hilton

+Searching for the wild? Your elemental passions are channeled through me.

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Having had the privilege to visualize an ideal life, I have accepted that it is in my nature to live for beauty, art, and intentional connections.

Obscurity. I walk with a stoic expression which may lift, in instances, generously, to reveal a smile—one expressing my powerful warmth.

I am an ambitious petite idea generator. I smile while succeeding (and failing) through my curiosities and periodically invite others to join in my explorations. I root for people when they learn the rules and decide to break the mold; I like to color my world by getting to know someone else’s.

You are someone who strives to trust in themselves, one who can let go of their stubbornness of controlling the future, someone who dares to see beauty in the present.

What makes me happy is seeing the nurturing efforts I put into myself make you smile, sit with happiness and feel relieved. Meeting new people with depth and passion is my specialty.

The Look

Gigi Hilton is a 4'10", athletic, 29 year old latina woman with short black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Trans.


Just like you I turn to adventures to fuel my positive outlook on life with moments of serenity–to have a part in the unseen world, where we often, as individuals, find ourselves adrift from.

My interests:




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Upon your initial text or email please provide the following (keep length to two paragraphs minimum):

  • Name & age
  • Time and date interested
  • City
  • LinkedIn or attached selfie with work badge or State ID
  • Briefly about yourself

Session is for my time only! Anything happening between the time frame is communicated with consent.

I am available to be flown to your city, too. Three hour minimum flights and lodging accommodation.

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