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There is nothing worse than being ordinary.

The Look

Anastasia Lawson is a 5'2", all natural, 25 year old caucasian woman with medium length brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.

Anastasia is your typical LA girl who feels just as comfortable in crowded Dodger’s Stadium with a blue baseball cap on as she does in an intimate upscale wine bar in Beverly Hills. Born in the San Fernando Valley, Ana considers herself a Californian at heart, no matter where the tides take her. Though her pursuits are mainly solitary, Anastasia is considered to be incredibly outgoing and friendly. She is thoughtful and clever and is never at a loss for words to say to keep interactions interesting and fun.

With that said though, Ana’s idea of a perfect partner is one who enjoys taking charge and setting a pace for her to follow. Ana is an old soul and loves traditional gender role dynamics so she can show off her ultra feminine side. Chivalry and dominance are perfect counterparts to her coy playfulness. She is definitely not the type to consider bringing flowers on a first date to be cliched and outdated (her favorites are lilies for those interested in making an impression).

Aside from work, Anastasia enjoys simple afternoons in coffee shops reading a good book or attempting to write one of her own. She is a creative spirit and likes fantasizing about adventures as much as pursuing them. Ana values uniqueness and openness and believes that there is nothing worse than being ordinary.

For those looking for fun and adventure; sensuality and relaxation; stimulating conversation; and overall wish fulfillment and gratification, simply send Ana a request for an appointment. You will not be disappointed.


Chivalry and general gentlemen-like behavior.

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