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“The thing you have to understand about learning her is that you are truly never done learning her.” ~JmStorm

Dreamers & Believers,

Don’t turn back now!

There is definitely a reason you stopped by.

Your intrigue has led you to find me!

I look forward to unearthing what we inspire in one another. No two dynamics are ever the same. I love meeting people and the thrill of new chemistry.

Open yourself. Let me discover your unique intellect, passion, and pleasure.

Feel the natural ease of my demeanour and give way to the comfort of exploring our connection. I revel in anticipation and the allure to discover new ways of feeling fabulous.

Move with me and dream of the possibilities for us to awaken.

What’s your fondest memory of pure joy?

I live to laugh and have a vivacious spirit. Getting silly and engaged with my authentic self helps me stay balanced. I love dressing up, games with stakes, lighthearted trickery, and whimsical surprises.

Boasting a natural hourglass shape, I embody a classic glamour style and radiate a dashing confidence. My fair complexion is highlighted by a constellation of freckles and various tattoos that I invite you to admire.

My genuine smile and enticing green eyes will be the first thing to capture your attention. However, it’s my fruitful imagination, mischievous wit, and adventurous spirit that will keep your fascination fueled and enhance the intrigue that brought you by in the first place.

Visit with me to experience the fresh magic for yourself.

Wholeheartedly yours,


The Look

Reina East is a 5'7", curvy, 33 year old caucasian woman with long brunette hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I can’t envision my life without music and dancing. I love how a song can bring me back to a specific moment in time, or set the perfect mood. I listen to an array of genres and can’t resist moving when the beat catches me. I wonder what will be on our playlist.

Shall I hold a spot for you on my dance card?

Exploration, adventure and connecting with nature brings me joy. Earthy and refined, I am just as enthusiastic to gather and chop wood as I am to spend an afternoon being pampered at a Nordic spa. I feel most grounded and nourished when surrounded by the elements.

I balance healthy eating with my more indulgent, decadent tastes. I love to cook and make up new dishes or recreate something I’ve eaten. I am a gracious host; however, I also love being treated to restaurant gems. I’m particularly fond of dishes that are meant for sharing.

Fun Foodie Fact: I get excited by foods that contain a pit, require the use of your hands, or where sucking is needed to obtain the goods. Think cherries, olives, figs, crab legs, edamame, wings, artichokes, or oysters.

Invite me out. Let’s connect over drinks, conversation and a good laugh while we satiate our hunger and spark our appetite for affection.


Be sure to visit my website to get the full scoop and to find out how to make your reservation request.

Send me a short note including: your full name, phone number, email address, date/time/location of request, 2 references and a little something about yourself.

First impressions go a long way, communicating with care from the get-go will surely propel our encounter in the right direction.

Conscious, courteous, and consensual connections.



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