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+Villainous beauty. A curious, perceptive Mistress of many guises

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When was the last time you played with power? I will wind you up, string you along, and spit you out with lethal skill for my ruthless amusement. Apply without delay.

Where does your mind go when you imagine the deepest expression of your submissive or fetishist self? I am a curious, perceptive Mistress of many guises and it is my pleasure to draw that answer from you.

Come in. Let your eyes adjust to the soft light, leave your normal life with your shoes at the door. You walk behind me up the stairs, following my devastatingly stylish shoes. In my sumptuous room, you strip down and we begin. You’re in my world now, and it’s a darkly intimate one.

You feel my heat close to you, calm and invigorating at once. In moments you are cuffed, collared and strung up by your ankles, and all you are able to say is “yes,” and “thank you.” Blindfolded, you hear my shoes click across the floor, the clatter of canes being collected and brought back to where you are spread open. Your body lights up, overwhelmed with sensation, disorientated and free. Is that a hand, a paddle, the touch of cool steel? Sting thump tight hot sharp smother stretch, just remember to keep breathing.

How long do we play for? Time loses its grip on you as you dive to the bottom of your sensual self. If only we could stay in this place forever, tumbling down through painful ecstasy, pushing the boundaries of who you think you are. But at some point you’ve got to grab onto the threads of the default world and revert to your regular everyday self. You are relaxed, even exhausted, and you’ve just been put through an intense journey. That hard to reach itch has been scratched. You leave with a smile and my silky stockings stuffed in your pocket.

If you have the focus and dedication to defy convention and give yourself up to a resplendent, highly esteemed, hot bright spark of a woman, apply through my website without delay.

The Look

Mst. Isobel Hart is a 5'8", slender, 29 year old caucasian woman with medium length red hair and blue eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


So you’d like to know what I’m interested in? Crawl to my website.


I expect you to go to my website and devour everything I have written. That will tell you everything about myself, my practice, and etiquette for you.

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