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Think where man’s glory most begins and ends, and say my Glory was I had such friends.—William Butler Yeats

Welcome, I am Amoy DuBois, your divine, ethereal companion. I am light, demure, and tender in nature. Which part of me will entice you first…will it be my warm doe eyes, the lush, thickness of my thighs or perhaps the soothing, rich timbre of my voice? My mahogany skin is warm, inviting and runs smooth like a sweet cup of cocoa—I implore you. At times my curiosity leads to playfulness which often leads to a rabbit hole full of trouble…or fun. However you choose to look at it, is a venture well explored.

You are a mature, curious wanderer in search of the rarest gem—a genuine connection with a beautiful spirit with whom your dreams can be realized. You believe romance to be a dear friend of spontaneity. You long for an affection that transcends these somatic plains, one in which an open ear and heart can provide. All while, you value safety, cleanliness, boundaries and discretion. I am more than your escape. I am the refuge in which you seek.
So why inhibit yourself any longer?

When we’re together time is suspended. That is our magic. Between us is a genuine connection that holds engaging conversations, opulent dining, insightful events and easy leisure. Whether we’re attending the opera, participating in axe-throwing activity or discovering one another in quiet spaces, I am open to bringing you titillating pleasure through complete focus, cleanliness, discretion, and safety.

The Look

Amoy DuBois is a 5'2" 28 year old ebony woman with medium length black hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Male only.


I am an admirer of gladioli, mangoes, 19th century art songs and full moons.

My passions are in music composition, screenwriting and biking. I want to be exposed to new cultural cuisines, travel and film

As much as I admire nature and its gifts I am not shy of material things. Some of my favourite brands are Gossier, The Abnormal Beauty Company, Reformation, Zara and Mejuri

Gifts are always welcome but they do not take place of any donations or deposits.


Outcalls Only — Downtown Core

Mondays 4pm to 10pm
Wednesdays 4pm to 10pm
Fridays 11am — 6pm


For new clients, I suggest booking at least 2 hours for us to get to know one another better.

Screening is mandatory. Without the required details bookings will not be accepted.

Bookings can be made no later than 9PM (Mondays & Wednesdays) and 5PM (on Fridays)

A 25% deposit is required after screening/booking for desired duration. As of now, e-transfer is the preferred form of payment. Visit site for further details.

Please visit my website and read through the FYI page for further information. You can email me at with a lovely introduction and the following info:


Phone Number (no burner/WhatsApp)

Desired Date/Time/Duration

Government ID and

a Reputable Reference or your Employment Information

I look forward to finally meeting you.

Until then…


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