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+Independant partner and creative cutie looking for genuine connections

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You are probably looking for a companion with whom to share moments of intimacy. Let me tell you a little bit about myself so you can see why we would be a great fit.

I am an alternative escort in my mid 20s. Please don’t be misguided by the fact that I am young: my life experiences and personality have blessed me with maturity and confidence. My emotional intelligent has helped me become a more empathetic and sensible person. I like to listen, support, and develop long-lasting connections with people of all types of life stories. I value honesty, transparency, and I am pretty straightforward in my relationships – but always gentle and kind.

As for my looks, I am feminine but au naturel. I only trim my body hair, as I treat my whole body with a lot of softness. I have what some people call an alternative look, but I take care that it stays classy and can be discreetly camouflaged if the situation requires it. My body is thin and on the petite side, but definitely curvy where you’ll like it, with full, round breasts that I can say in confidence are generally much appreciated. With my contagious smile and sparkly eyes, many men and women have told me all this leads to me being a naturally charming person.

I have a somewhat rebellious side as I love to live free from most constraints our society has burdened us with and as I am trying to unlearn a lot of the ways I have been raised to act as a woman. I like to think twice about most things and find my own way around them. Also, having the privilege of being educated, I am the perfect lady to accompany you in public or to have deep conversations with; I can mix in all types of crowd and easily converse about all kinds of subjects, from pop culture and actualities to the deep and complex themes of philosophy and human existence.

My goal as a provider is to share with you in moments of joy and a release from stress and daily responsibilities, to provide a safe way to explore yourself and provide an empathetic and supportive environment to express your inner self and vulnerabilities. I aim to create genuine connection with my clients, whether it is sensual or intellectual, emotional or more down-to-earth. I see companionship as way to create an emotional and spiritual bond, a form of sincere communication, and a fun way of discovering and playing in the mutual grounds we may share.

The Look

Lou Black is a 5'1", all natural, 25 year old caucasian woman with short platinum hair and green eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.


My interests gravitate a lot around art and human experience, and I love human sexuality studies and sociology. My background as an artist and a graphic designer and my current lifestyle has allowed me to maintain creativity at the center of my life. I love dates at the museum, gallery openings, or music concert!

My favorite activites include reading while drinking tea, wrapped in my favorite sweater, playing with my cats at home, but also traveling of any kind - exploration and adventures are always welcome in my life.

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