A skilled photographer at your disposal is a wonderful asset when you’re looking to create compelling pictures for your escort ads, but when you’re just getting started it might not be realistic to pay for photos. You can get hot pictures without a pro photographer and entice the pros with sexy pictures you create yourself. Grab a friend (or a tripod) and your point and shoot or smart phone and let's get to it. I’m going to show you how to take a quality hot photo in five easy steps.

1. Pay Attention to The Details

Pay attention to the scene around you. A clean background draws the viewers attention to you, the subject and focus of the image. Even if your room's not clean you can remove stuff from the range of the lens. This will cut down on necessary cropping or editing after the fact. Make sure your clothing fits properly, don’t put on panties or lingerie that cuts into your skin. The size on the label is not what’s important, too tight clothes will make you look uncomfortable. Forget the label and focus on keeping your curves unencumbered.

2. Light it Up, but Don't Flash

The best lighting is natural lighting. Forget the fancy flashes and equipment. Open the curtains and pay attention to where the light is coming from. Especially if you live somewhere sunny like Miami. Let it shine on your face and your other favorite parts. Natural light will be soft and provide natural shadows. A front facing on-camera flash creates harsh lighting and makes a potentially sexy photo look more like a family portrait. If there's no natural light available use one or two lamps to light yourself or your subject as if the lighting is coming from the side as opposed to the front.

3. Give Good Face

When we get in front of a camera our faces change. We get more self-conscious and our feelings show in our faces. Before you shoot take some time and look in the mirror. Make faces and find the ones you like best. Do you have a 'good side', a side of your face that you prefer? Keep that in mind and put your best face toward the camera. If you get uncomfortable when you look right at the camera, try looking away or closing your eyes and then looking back at the camera right when the shutter is about to click.

4. Don’t Blur - Crop and Filter Instead

A photo with a blurred out face makes the viewer wonder "What's wrong with her face?" even if they know you are just trying to protect your identity. I completely understand the desire to remain anonymous and you should keep this in mind during your photoshoot, not rely on bad editing after the fact. Use props; like masks, hair, toys, blindfolds or other tools of your trade to shade your identity. If you have a photo you like that shows too much face, crop from the eyes up but leave your sexy lips. Turn your head and use your profile and show that your face is not something you want to hide, rather a secret that will be revealed to those lucky enough to meet you in person. Filters are also a great way to adjust the coloring of the photo to be more pleasing to the eye, and draw attention to the most important parts.

5. Quality Over Quantity

A photo shoot can elicit hundreds of pictures, but you only need one or two to make a good impression. Find the best ones and make sure they are showing off your assets. Don't bombard your viewers with a bunch of photos from the same scene, even if you love the outfit or the look of the shots. One aweseome photo will have much more impact than 5-10 ok ones. You want to draw the viewer in and get them excited about what you have to offer, not show them every little detail from the jump.

Bonus: Get Feedback

If you use social networks to connect with clients and fans you can use feedback from them to pick your most enticing pictures. What you love might not be the photo the speaks to your viewers the most. Ask facebook fans to vote with their ‘likes’ and post two pictures to find out which one your fans like best - use the one that gets the most likes in your ads.

With these five steps in mind get to work on creating a handful of hot photos that will get you the clients you deserve.