Advertising costs can add up quickly, and if you're new to a site, advertise infrequently, or are just starting out, it can seem daunting to invest hundreds of dollars on promotion right out of the gate.  

That's why Slixa has created new Daily Ads, as the perfect accessory to our existing range of Basic, Premium, City, and National level ad placements. Daily Ads appear for 24 hours at a time in the region of your choice, and allow users to enjoy all the features of a Basic listing, but without the minimum investment involved in a full 30 day ad. You still keep total control over when your ad is live, and can even schedule your start dates up to a year in advance with Slixa's unique Scheduled Start. As long as you've made a payment, your Daily Ad will go live automatically on on the date you chose.  

Of course, there's savings to be found if you have the resources to invest a bit more. While a Daily Ad will cost you just $5USD (depending on your region – you can find exact pricing here) per day, and features Slixa's lowest minimum purchase, a Basic Ad brings that cost down to just $2USD per day (when you pay for 30 days). If you like the look and feel of your Daily Ad, consider upgrading to a Basic or Premium placement for 30 days and enjoy some longterm savings.  

What matters most to Slixa is being able to adapt to your needs and finding a way for everyone to use our platform to the fullest. Whether that's a single day at a time, or a year's worth of credits in one go, the choice should be up to you.

Find out more about Slixa's different advertising options (and even how you can get up to 250 Bonus credits if you're ready to commit) and all of the great features at your disposal now.