Some of my clients really get into the whole sub-culture, crossing independent escorts names off of their to-do list and hanging out with other men who share their interests in bars on the weekends.

Others are married and have kids back at home, so they keep their encounters to themselves and do their best to cover their tracks and keep their hobby a secret.

Then there are the lovable bachelors who tend to spend too much time working to maintain a traditional relationship and whose clean houses and untouched items give away their secret about how little time they spend there.

Regardless of where you fall in the hobbyist spectrum, there are some things which should be avoided with any female escort, under any circumstances. I speak from my own experiences, which are obviously limited.

So while there may be some exceptions to the rules, here are five things I would at least think twice before doing if you want to stay on good terms with the escorts you see.

  1. Disrespect personal boundaries. This is number one for a reason since it's the most important and often the most common mistake made with escorts. While the whole idea of spending time with an escort is to find someone who you have fun with and who you ultimately like as a person, it doesn't mean you have to fall in love with them. Sure, sometimes things get heated and passionate and you begin to think that your emotions are maturing into something deeper. However, the success rate for relationships that start this way are most likely grim, at best. If you can think of no other good reason to avoid going down this path, keep in mind that if things don't work out or your feelings are not reciprocated, you can probably bet that she won't continue seeing you as a client. Would you want to continue being a patient if you dated your doctor and went through a bunch of drama before breaking up? Probably not.
  2. Reacting harshly to cancellations, no-shows and lateness. This one always rubbed me the wrong way, personally. I am lucky to have only encountered it here and there during my escorting career. Most of my own clients are very laid back and are generally understanding when things don't work out for some reason. In my opinion, this is the best approach to take with escorts who may have to cancel last minute or might be running late. Why stress over things you can't control, right? Not to mention, it will probably not score you any points with an escort if you get on her case about these types of issues so what good really comes of it? Best thing to do if someone is making you feel like your time is not worth their respect is to find someone else to replace them who does.
  3. Repeated requests that are denied. This one usually isn't a problem, but some guys are really set on a specific fantasy they have that a particular escort doesn't cater to. If an escort says no to a request, it's probably best to drop the subject and move on to other things. If your fetish is something that you feel strongly about, you should continue to shop around and try seeing other ladies. Even try searching for one who specializes in what you are after, or ask around on forums and review boards for a word of mouth referral from another hobbyist.
  4. Changes in your income. This happens to everyone at some point during their lives and careers, if not several. Almost everyone has been fired from a job or been denied a raise, so don't beat yourself up over this. If you're in this boat, things probably aren't going so well for you at the moment so go easy on yourself. The reasons that an escort might stop seeing you as a result of losing your job or experiencing a significant change in your income is not a direct reaction to those things, to be honest. It's more likely because you like her and have strong feelings about continuing to see her, so you may have wound up in situations where you were short when paying her, made a habit of asking for special rates or she might just figure that until you recover from your current situation, she's going to focus on clients who can pay her the rates she is asking. It's nothing personal, it's just a matter of business. She'll probably be glad to return once your paycheck does.
  5. Personal relationships. This one is fairly common, whether because you're a married hobbyist who is discovered or just dating someone who finds out about your extracurricular activities on the side. While this is usually a messy situation that often involves ultimatums thrown at you, try to look at it as an opportunity to re-evaluate what you really want in life and make a clear-headed decision about whether to stay in your current relationship, give up the hobby and try to work things out, or to break things off and start moving on while continuing to see VIP escorts. On the other hand, relationships don't always ruin your relationships with escorts for negative reasons. You may have found someone special who you are ready to settle down with and since things are still hot and steamy with your new flame, you may feel no need to keep seeing your favorite escorts for the time being.