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Dominatrix, former GFE Escort, Fetish Clip Producer and Fetish Audio Recording Artist. I’ve been working in the sex indrusty for more years then is polite to say in mixed company. I’ve been been bloggng and shining a big bright light about what it’s like working in the sex business since early 2007. The good, the bad and even the ugly has been revealed! Never one to mince words, I call it like I see. I maintain my own sex indrusty blog as well a being the founding member of Fairy Whore Mother, a peer to peer sex worker advice blog. I’m also a professional erotic photographer and published freelance and contribuiting food writer in the mainstream non-sex business world.

You can follow me on Twitter: @jennydemilo

Reviews are weird, you’re reviewing an encounter you are involved in. You’re not an outside observer; you’re an active participant. You finally jumped in and stuck your big toe in the pond and you’ve been meeting escorts. Maybe you aren't into hobbyist culture, but you still read the reviews. Sooner or later your going to ask yourself the question: Should I write a review about my recent encounter or not?

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There are supermodel escorts. Girls so pretty it makes your eyes hurt to just look at them. These girls usually come with a very hefty price tag. If if looks too good to be true it probably is too good to be true.

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You have been perusing Slixa, looking for a new lovely lady to call your companion. Searching for an escort is no easy task; you want to find someone you're compatible with. By now, you've figured out that there are both escort agencies and independent the question is: Which is better? Here's the first step in figuring out how to hire an escort...

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Provider reviews give you exposure you wouldn't normally have. On most sites that have reviews you will be able to post ads for yourself or create profiles. Some have ways for you to directly interact with potential new friends though chat rooms and messengers. It’s tempting to take advantage of all those features and exposure, especially when advertising costs for escorts have gone up year after year.

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She saw the gap and the need for non-judgmental, non-agenda driven, compassionate care for those in the adult industry and said to herself, “I think I can do that.” Laura Lasky speaks to Slixa about her journey to the formation of Solace SF and the driving force of love that propels it today. Encouraging, empowering and enlightening, Solace SF's core beliefs are reflected throughout Laura Lasky's own personal story and in her determination to help others achieve their own definition of success

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Photos are our calling cards and picking the right professional photographer is very important and it can be a really frustrating experience.

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Some people do, some people don’t but really everyone should. Screening is important, screening is essential but most of all screening is your front line defense in keeping yourself safe and free when meeting potential new playmates.

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