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+Elegant Goddess: Classic BDSM and domestic kink scenarios

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“One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.” Carl Jung

An elegantly twisted and wickedly creative Mistress.

Highly experienced and internationally respected Domina. Do you yearn to kneel before an undeniably dominant woman who is ripe in her feminine power?

As lady-of-the-manor style Mistress, I rule in both domestic and dungeon atmospheres. I train maids, sissies, submissives and slaves their various rightful places. I discipline, guide and shape household members and wayward husbands in the ways of femdom. I keep a few favorite human pets and even the occassional (adult) toyboy.

I am particularly well known for my exquisite, in-depth explorations of the psyche through both one-off scenes and ongoing D/s dynamics. Time with me is about far more than a list of activities. It is about the places we go inside ourselves and with each other.

Each session is designed to explore the natural area of overlap between my subject and I. That is, our experience/relationship dynamic is tailored to your unique kinky fingerprint in conjunction with my own expertise and passions.

While dominance can be sadistic, degrading or humiliating, it is not always so. Sometimes it is seductive, mothering or intimate… or stern but caring…

I take my time to get to know how you tick in a thorough pre-play consultation and recommend a length of session that allows you to fully experience the journey as well as the destination. I welcome seasoned players and curious beginners.

There are far more session styles than I can possibly mention here. Please read my website or email me and politely apply for the kind of session you are drawn to

Session lengths and fee:

* Includes 30min consultation so I can really delve into your the wiring of your psyche as well as set up consent agreements.
* Showers at beginning and end
* Play time.

2hrs $500 (cheaper than my usual $350 an hour because it includes 30mins consult/showers)
2.5hr $600* special rate to encourage this length of time
3.5hr $950
$350 per hour after that.

The Look

Mistress Artemisia de Vine is a 5'6", curvy caucasian woman in her early 40's with long blonde hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, and Trans.



All sessions are strictly by pre-booked appointment only. I require a minimum of 24hrs notice. Expect to pay a deposit. There are discrete options for making deposits.

My preference is to speak directly to you on the phone.
While you may make initial contact via email, My response will be to ask you to call as I need to speak to you briefly in person to ensure we are on the same page.
Therefore, if you can, save us both some time by just calling from the get go.

Successful applicants politely introduce themselves, telling Me:
Their name
Level of experience

They then politely request:
1. The style of session they are hoping to be granted.
For example:
I am a masochist, hoping to be granted X, Y, Z
Or I am a submissive sissy, hoping to be trained as a maid
Or I am not submissive, but I am hoping to be permitted to explore X, Y, Z with you…

If you are new and confused as to what is the most appropriate kind of session for you, I can help you work that out, but you need to provide a starting point by communicating the kinds of things that have you curious.

2. Tell Me the day, time and length of session they are hoping to be granted.

Do NOT call on a blocked number.

Approach with your best manners, have a respectful attitude and be honest. Other than that, just be yourself!

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