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The Cortege
Sexy and devoted Phoenix Escorts

We are a bureau of dedicated, and devoted escorts, woman owned and operated. Our escorts will provide you with the time of your life; the perfect companionship and fun without any strings attached.
The Cortege was founded in 2016 and is dedicated to providing hassle free escorts to your door. We pride ourselves in our ability to ensure you have a memorable and one of a kind experience with our escorts, you will come crawling back for more!

Our Service and Escorts are all 100% legal, licensed, and ready to make any event worth every penny spent.

Our escorts will provide you the perfect experience without any strings attached. It’s like having the perfect girlfriend but you don’t have to visit her parents or friends. Let’s face it, meeting the father is always an awkward experience but here at The Cortege, you never have to worry about it!


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