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Allow yourself to be meditatively guided on a journey of intoxicating touch and exquisitely cultivated feminine energy

Being a man has always been a dangerous undertaking…Requiring strength and bravery…

Adventuring out into the unknown world in order to provide, fighting the dangerous in order to protect, facing constant rejection in the name of love…

But the modern man faces challenges never encountered before and the tools you were given no longer serve you.

It’s time to seek something new - a different way to navigate this life.

The way to healing, hope and transformation is through the Feminine…

The Feminine carries the medicine to heal the wounds of Modern Society, and the wisdom to navigate a Higher Evolution…

Please See my Website for more Information.

The Look

January Reine is a 5'7", slender, 38 year old caucasian woman with auburn hair and grey eyes.

She is available for Male, Female, Couples, and Trans.


I have spent my entire adult life deeply devoted to studying with Shamans, Taoist Monks, self-development gurus and Tantra teachers - expanding my understanding and experience of God, Relationship and Life far beyond socially conditioned beliefs and restraints…

Which has lead me here -

Being able to joyfully share my Genius - my unique expression of pure Spirituality, healing touch, intoxicating sensuality and feminine nurturing, with those ready and capable of fully receiving me.

​This art I offer up to you is a culmination of my life experience…


My sessions may “look” similar to a body rub, but experientialy they are far beyond anything you’ve experienced before.

Please read my entire website before contacting me.

You must be willing and able to drop your expectations; surrendering to the embodied energy of the Feminine offering you sacred space to decompress, explore, expand, discover and heal.

Please See my Website for More Information

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