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+I am the mysterious brunette…

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“The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.“
-Albert Camus

…sitting across the bar making eyes at you.

This isn’t a dream; I’m real. My long, toned legs lead up to curvy hips and a thin waist. My red manicured fingers are usually found gently grazing a coupe glass. I was born in a bustling European capital and moved door to door too many times to be satisfied with being ordinary. I spent my childhood years running down the cobblestone streets of southern Italy, running in the forests of Bavaria, and making snow angels on the slopes of Zermatt. Growing up with multinational parents kept things interesting, but I became tired of always being the new girl.

Fast forward to today, I carry great pride in my unique past. I’d love to get together to exchange stories of unforgettable experiences, and I’d cherish even more to make some of our own together. You will find my down to earth energy and sense of humor relatable, yet my glamour and passion will always keep you on your toes. Life has offered me many perspectives, and I savor company equally as inquisitive. I admire someone who knows what they want and knows how to get it.

I hope my looks caught your eye, but I’m sure my mind will catch your heart. I guess I didn’t hate being the new girl as much as I thought because I continued going down many roads into my adult years. Somewhere along the way the path lead me to this amazing city and this incredible lifestyle.

Hi, I’m Gia. Did your path lead you to me?

The Look

Gia is a 5'9", slender, all natural, 24 year old caucasian woman with medium length brunette hair and green eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, and Couples.


Meditation/yoga, philanthropy, cooking, learning new languages, modern art, real estate investing, entrepreneurship, and exploring new cultures.


Pre-booking gives us time to build anticipation, but I love planning just as much as I love being spontaneous! Same day dates are equally accepted if my schedule allows. Screening requirements are linked below.

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