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Enjoy yourself, you never know when it’s the next time you’ll have A Blast!

I’m Cassie Correa, a beautiful lady of Latin Roots from the Southwest Deserts of Arizona. And as you can see I’m One Latina you don’t wany to miss!
I’m invigorating, approachable and a voluptuous Sweetheart with a thrilling side you’ll love to get to know.

I prefer enjoy our company over dinner or an exquisite one on one.
We can share Conversation about our Interests, likes and dislikes or we could sit in silence listening and appreciating one of the greatest jazz pianist like Art Tatum or saxophonisst Mr. Coleman Hawkins. Both are great Musicians, If i must say so Myself.
My music selection varies and jazz isn’t the only genre or interest I have. I occasionally like visiting your local meseum and take in the moment From our history that has been left for us to enjoy and learn. Oh and let’s not forget, the foods, I absolutely Love exploring new interest, Foods, drinks and I’m always open to new ideas!

The Look

Cassandra is a 5'3", curvy, 27 year old latina woman with medium length brunette hair and green eyes.

She is available for Male only.


Love exploring new interests, Foods, drinks and I’m always open to new ideas!


Please communicate about tardiness

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