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+Voluptuous Collegiate Brunette Muse in the Phoenix/Glendale Metropolitan

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Well hello there! I’m glad you’ve made it to this point. If you’re reading this, that means there’s something about me that piqued your interest, though you may not be able to place your finger on what… Let’s take a moment to delve a little deeper & uncover what that reason may be!

When deciding which lucky lady gets to provide you with her companionship, the vast selection can be somewhat daunting. Let me help you narrow things down & provide an idea of the chemistry we could experience between you & I. While attraction is certainly important, the time yoy’re about to spend with a woman should compass so much more than that.

First & foremost, there’s nothing more deserving of my adoration than a man who handles all of his engagements thoroughly & with the utmost care. I find quality to be a paramount aspect of this world that unfortunately many seem to overlook in this day & age. I strive to create an experience laden with passiomate qualities & intricate details that will leave you feeling like a thousand suns.

The Look

Isabella Burton is a 5'7", curvy, all natural, 24 year old caucasian / latina woman with long brunette hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men only.


I’ve taken an affinity for trying new things! My thirst for adventure goes as deep as my hunger for… Other things. I’m always looking to experience something that I’ve never tried before. Have a favorite type of wine & no one to enjoy it with? I’d love to try… Finally restored that beautiful classic car & looking to go for a spin? I call shotgun! Or maybe you’ve always wanted to try skydiving, just nevet had anyone willing to brave the jump? How about something simple as cozying up by the fire on a cold night? My taste of adventure knows no bounds or limits. My interests range from all parts of the spectrum. Quiet & reserved, I can spend hours in my favorote coffee shop with a classic Jane Erye & macchiato en tow… Or maybe you can find me feeling outgoing & enthusiastic, waiting in line to attend s concert or show. Many of my personal acquaintances have told me that I’m their go-to when it comes to past experiences or needing company for a unique endeavour that few have heard of or been willing to try!


Please exercise respect & consideration when inotiating contact with me. I put a lot of time into making a proper first impression with you, so I’d hope you’d at least put some effort in our first exchange. One-worded text messages such as hey available rates sup or anything like that are not ideal. Please remember we are only to discuss my time with you & nothing more

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