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The best things in life are actually very expensive

I’m Miami-based beautiful blond with extremely fit slim but curvy body.
I’m personable, friendly, attentive and kind, quite endearing in my authenticity and humble nature. Stylish, elegant and always beautifully presented, perfect example of educated and sophisticated yet wonderfully approachable and ‘real’.
My hobbies include frequent and committed travel, meeting new people, and regular gym and tennis exercise. I’m healthy without being overly difficult, and I take excellent care of myself. I love the luxury of regal colors like red and purple, though my fashion leans more towards understated, chic colors and shades, perfectly complementing my sophisticated style which will make your dinner table the envy of everyone around you. I could be a very appealing and captivating companion you can enjoy an enchanting evening with.
Gentlemen with a penchant for the sultry porcelain skin blonds- look no farther!

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