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TS Addy Finch

+The T-Girl Next Door


Transgender (TV/TS)

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Finch’s fantasy fulfillment: fair, freckled, feminine

The Look

TS Addy Finch is a 6', all natural, 29 year old caucasian TV/TS with medium length auburn hair and brown eyes.

She is available for Men, Women, Couples, and TV/TS.

I’m a thoroughly unique experience - quirky without being eccentric, confident without exuding pride, intelligent without residing in an ivory tower, feminine and professional.

I was born and raised in Michigan and have an amazing family. I’m a companion because I really truly enjoy it and not because I was somehow pressed into it. Physically, I have made an effort to be as feminine as possible while keeping true to my own features. To this end I’ve taken hormones for a while to help my body sculpt itself. I keep myself natural without a single surgery to enhance my features. I run and bike a lot to help keep myself in shape. While I make sure to keep myself clean and healthy, I do imbibe in the occasional drink.

Spiritually, I was raised Christian and studied a few other religions for a time. For now, I just try to keep my life full of positive people and positive energy while ascribing to the platinum rule - do unto others as they would like done unto them. It seems to be working pretty well for now.

I am college educated and make a point to keep learning all the time. After attending a Big Ten university, I went to a renowned culinary school, and I continue to read and educate myself be it history, current affairs, local politics, scholarly papers, or pop culture. I’m well versed on several subjects and am rarely at a loss for words. I’m pleasant, kind, conversational, and and witty. More than anything else, I’m told I’m a very comfortable person to be around and talk to. More than my physicality, my strongest feature is my personality, and I assure you that you will not be bored.


photography, art museums, watercolors, travel, fine dining and well-cooked meals, literature, grapic novels, film, opera, independent and vintage fashion, baseball, vinyl records, timeliness, and artisanal gin


I do recommend two hours for first timers as well as anyone hoping to get to know me on a personal level. To that end, dates over meals or overnight sessions are definitely encouraged. Please call only when you are positive that you are ready to meet and when you know when and for how long you would like our session to be.

Donations are suggested as such and should be placed down in an unsealed enveloped labeled “gift” upon meeting. Donations vary per city; please see my website for a rough idea.

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